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Mar 24, 2013 7:00pm PDT
and eat fish. dad, you could do that. bob, i recall you raise either chinchillas or children. which is it? uh, children. good. i'm focus-testing some ideas. i need a new blockbuster attraction at wonder wharf. why don't you focus-test with the kids down at wonder wharf? those sheep? i've already got their money. besides, these children are a perfect cross-section of american youth. yeah-- boy, girl, and tina. i'm a tastemaker. when i talk, people listen. guys? mr. fischoeder, we're adrenaline junkies. oh. we like our rides pure, uncut, and assembled in "méjico." i want something coming out of here, here, and/or here. the three-hole standard of excellence. wait, walk me through the holes again. let me throw some concepts at you. a bounce house full of jelly. jam slam! try chutney. keep pitching, barnum. scare-ousel-- a carousel where you ride on real horse skeletons. you had me at "horse" but lost me at "horse skeletons." you know, if you're looking for an attraction, this town actually has some interesting movie history. hog wash! not you, bob, it's an idea. slide with the hogs. that's n
Mar 17, 2013 7:00pm PDT
pants, huh? what's wrong with you? what? hey, you're not wearing a costume, bob. i just didn't think i needed to wear a costume. it's not a kids' party. hey, everybody, we've got (rings bell) a party violation over here. what are you doing? bob is not wearing a costume. mike the mailman's not wearing a costume. mike's a bunny. he's not a bunny. i'm a bunny. you have a cotton ball. he has a cotton ball. on your uniform. it's a great idea. now we're gonna get you to the costume closet. ♪ ba, ba, ba, ba, ba we got some sort of chewbacca. no. the sun. no. summer frankenstein. that's not a thing. and, uh, oh... i think we got a winner here. no, no, no. there, all better. now, you don't look so ridiculous. i'll trade you two packets of hot sauce for a fortune cookie. throw in some cough drops and you got a deal. sold. this town is horrible at halloween. we're trick or treating by ourselves for the first time ever; we need to get some real candy. follow me. i know where we can go. we're going where the rich people live. rich people are better at halloween. and skin care. that's why we're go
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2